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All about the tri-planar vibration technology

Like the spiral vibration technology, the tri-planar motion is also a combination of two different elementary motions - namely, the linear and the pivotal motions. And this combination has produced wonderful effect on the body, by adding some benefits of the pivotal movement, and eliminating some of the biggest problems of the liner movement while keeping the benefits of the linear movement.

Let me explain!

If you remember or have read my page on the linear vibration technology, you would know that the linear machine vibrates straight up and down, and therefore has an impact on the body like a hammer. This would build muscles, true, but will be harsh on the body (and therefore I do not recommend linear machines). However, when combined with the pivotal vibration motion that moves front-and-back (or side-by-side), the linear motion becomes a lot easier on the joints, bones and the body as a whole, irrespective of the vibration amplitude. Really, tri-planar has been a great path on which the linear machines have evolved (and got conjoined with pivotal machines).

The improved motion will have a great effect on your body, if used appropriately. A lot depends upon who is using it. For young body builders and athletes, the higher frequency linear motion, smoothed by a bit of pivotal movement, will be appropriate. On the other hand, if it is an older person with arthritis of fybromyalgia, it may be a good idea to go at a lower frequency - say 10-25Hz - with the pivotal component being the dominant one rather than the linear one.

If you want to build muscles, lose weight or release HGH, then a tri-planar machine is one of the best choices you can make. By the way, since the tri-planar machine has two different motions combined, they normally come as dual motor machines. You would be able to control each of the vibration types in the tri-planar machine separately, to get precisely the vibration that you want. And also, if you are looking to do more of health maintenance, blood circulation improvement, detox or lymph drainage (that is, if muscle and power building is not your main goal), then go for a spiral vibration technology based wbv machine.

In general, I highly recommend tri-planar machines, if your objective matches what the machine is built for. For a better understanding of whether this is the vibration technology that you want and whether your health conditions will permit you to take tri-planar machine based exercises, I suggest you go ahead and take the quiz here.

I promise to have the lowest prices anywhere, for all brands and models. If you find a machine listed at a lower price within 30 days of purchase from me, I shall refund what you paid extra. Call me before you buy (1-888-228-4387) and ask for the lowest prices. You will save at least $200-$600, if not more. I am not permitted to advertise those prices online, not even with coupons, so call me up or write me an email.