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All about the spiral vibration technology

The spiral vibration motion is a combination of two of the elementary vibrations, namely the oscillating motion and pivotal motion. As you may have already read up, the oscillating motion is a see-saw (teeter-totter) motion, while the spiral motion is the one that makes the body move side-by-side.

The spiral technology combines these two fundamentally different but helpful motions. Spiral is one of the newest technologies available in the market. It is also one of the most widely accepted technologies of late, because of the wonderful effect that the combined motion has on the body makes taking vibration exercises a really pleasing and effective experience.

In fact, if one were to try and break down the combined motion by slowing down the machine so one could "inspect" as the vibration happened, the motion of the vibration plate platform would look like moving in a figure at motion. This unique motion is simulated using a dual-motor. One motor would be responsible for providing the oscillating motion, while the other one would produce the pivotal motion. The overall motion will look like the digit "8".

The impact of spiral motion on the human body is wonderful. The motion is a very natural one. The oscillating vibration frequency will be 5-15 Htz, or can go up to as high as 30 Htz on the oscillation. On the pivotal side, the motors would go up from 20-40 Htz, and even as high as 60 Htz for the stronger machines. So at the higher frequency, you would end up building strength and muscles. And on the lower side, you would relax your bone joints, do lymph drainage and improve your blood flow. And as you would expect, all of this would produce a great detoxification effect on the body. These machines are good for building up bone density and body muscles, but without producing jarring effects on the body.

And thus, with a spiral vibration machine, you would get multiple positive impacts on your body just from that one machine. Just set it to the oscillating and pivotal vibration that you want it to have (you can usually control and adjust both the motors to get the exact vibration that you want). Or, just switch off one motor, and enjoy the other vibration, if you want that way on some of the days. There are other oscillating machines that combine the linear motion with the oscillating, rather than the pivotal. These are also pretty good.

Note that, tri-planar machines are also dual-motor, multi-direction vibration machines. Tri-planar machines combine linear and a pivotal movement, but unlike spiral they do not have an oscillating movement. However, tri-planar machines are better for muscle and power development, while spiral ones are better for lymph drainage and detoxification.

In summary, spiral vibration machines are great for individuals, families and health clubs, as they serve different kinds of requirements really well. These are often used and recommended by chiropractors also, for working with their patience. The bottom line is that I strongly recommend spiral vibration machines - usually these are great machines to have (unless there's some exception specific to your health - you could try filling my quiz here for a better understanding)".

I promise to have the lowest prices anywhere, for all brands and models. If you find a machine listed at a lower price within 30 days of purchase from me, I shall refund what you paid extra. Call me before you buy (1-888-228-4387) and ask for the lowest prices. You will save at least $200-$600, if not more. I am not permitted to advertise those prices online, not even with coupons, so call me up or write me an email.