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All about the sonic vibration technology

Cost: Outrageous. Benefits: Tremendous. Verdict: The Royal Emperor of WBV Machines!

Indeed, if vibration machines were ever "born", they were born because they were meant to become as smooth, as silky, as powerful, and as wholesome as sonic vibration machines! These are by far the best machines that have ever existed till date, period.

The real question is, can you afford to buy the technology? The lowest prices are 4 grands, and the top end ones are as high as 15-20 grands. By the way, even the 4-grand machines are simply wonderful, so go for those by all means if you can afford them - you simply don't need to go all the way up. Note that, on one hand, only a few companies make these (they need skills to be made, and not too many people can afford these), so the options are not many. On the other hand, once you by one, you will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to use any other vibration technology. Luckily, my current favorite manufacturer of sonic machines offer a 5-year warranty. Another of my favorite manufacturers has recently shut shop, as they could not find enough takers (man, I've been on machines of this company and had opened one of those machines also - that quality was out of the world, and no wonder they could not come down on the price, which eventually led them to move out of business - they could not find enough takers at that price!)

Now, let's understand the technology that powers the sonic machines. Sonic machines use sound vibrations, instead of using motorized arms that all machines with other technologies use. They use the sound bass speaker technology to produce vibration effects on the body. The frequencies, typically in the 5-50 Htz range (as you set it), powered by the bass speaker based sound vibration, feels out of the world.

My partner had once been to his friend's house, and his dad had a sonic machine there. He stayed at his friend's place for 3 weeks, and was in constant argument with his friend each evening on who gets the machine first. In his words, he was addicted to a vibration machine! Anyway, I am a big fan of sonic vibration machines also, and love recommending and selling them.

One point to note is that, many of the sonic machines would come with a sound software that can be plugged onto the vibration platform. Plugging this in would make the platform even more customized and effective, as using this software you can literally type in what you want to have (within permissible ranges and combinations), and the machine will literally produce sonic vibrations following your needs. So you can specifically set it for detoxification, joint healing, muscle building, blood circulation and so on, as you exercise, with nothing left for you to reverse-engineer, guess, think out, etc.

As I said before, these machines start at $4,000 from my current favorite manufacturer, and have many in different ranges all the way up till $15,000. However, if you are going to buy these machines, do contact me in advance, as I am almost always aware of some unpublished discount going on, quite often worth many hundred dollars (or even in thousands for the highest-end machines). The lowest-end machine does not work for people over 250 lbs weight. Anyway, get started with the quiz here and I would be glad to look at your responses and suggest you whether the lowest end sonic machine works for you or not.

What if you cannot afford a sonic machine? They are so costly, so is all lost?

Far from it. Sonic technology machines are maybe 20%-25% better than some others, such as say spiral machines, tri-planar machines and others. And you can get these alternatives at $1,500-$2,500 price ranges. Of course the benefits will be lesser, but still, they will be great benefits indeed.

I promise to have the lowest prices anywhere, for all brands and models. If you find a machine listed at a lower price within 30 days of purchase from me, I shall refund what you paid extra. Call me before you buy (1-888-228-4387) and ask for the lowest prices. You will save at least $200-$600, if not more. I am not permitted to advertise those prices online, not even with coupons, so call me up or write me an email.