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Weight of a vibration machine: how heavy is too heavy and what is a desirable weight?

Have you heard of the walking machine? If not, then here's what it is: a machine that is not heavy enough to sustain the impact of vibration it will produce, will start moving around the room or wherever it is kept. So, in other words, you need a vibration machine that will be heavy enough to be able to sustain the impact of the strongest vibration it produces and would not move around.

The rule of thumb is that, the golden point is at around 100 lbs. If the machine is heavier than that, usually it would not budge even under the heaviest of vibrations, and otherwise, it would start walking. And many cheap quality machines do not follow this rule of thumb, in order to keep their production costs low.

However, it is imperative for you to move the machine also, from one place to another as well as from one room to another. If nothing, you may want to move the machine to the next room so that you can watch your favorite TV show while taking exercises. An obvious solution to this is incline wheels. Read that carefully again. It is not just wheels, it is incline wheels.

What is an incline wheel? An incline wheel is one that the machine would lean upon only when tilted. However, when kept erect in a standstill position, the wheels would not touch the ground. The wheels will be effective only when you tilt the machine, and not otherwise. This is critical for obvious reasons: if the wheels are on the ground when you take exercises on it, you would end up having a waking machine yet again - it would simply move around riding the wheels.

The bottom line is that, whenever you buy a vibration machine, make sure to check with the seller that the machines is heavy enough (more than 100 lbs), has incline wheels that do not touch the ground when erect and does not have a track record of walking while one takes exercises.

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