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Frequency of vibration machines and its impact on the human body

Vibration frequency is the number of vibration cycles that a machine would complete per unit time. Typically, this is measured as Hertz (abbreviated as Htz or Hz). Hertz is defined as the number of complete vibration cycles that a given machine will complete per second. For a vibration machine, it is not the simple amount of movement that a machine would do per second that matters. It is a combination of vibration amplitude and vibration frequency that will define the goodness of vibration.

Vibration machines vibrate over a wide frequency range - quite often the range will be from as low as 5 Htz (on the lower side) to as high as 60 Htz (on the higher side). And each frequency range (low which is around 5-20 Htz, medium which is around 20-40 Htz, high which is around 40-60 Htz) will have its own set of benefits.

In the oscillating vibration mode, a machine can produce frequencies as low as 5 Htz. And the lowest that vibration machine can go down to is 3 Htz, with the sonic technology. At this low vibration frequencies, the benefits that you would get are lymphatic drainage, joint maintenance and detoxification. So if you want to go as low as possible (that additional 5 - 3 = 2 Htz lower) then you would have to pay at least 2 grands extra, as that's where the sonic family of machines start from (depending upon your condition, this may or may not be worth it - it will be clearer whether you need to go so low if you take the quiz). Anyway, the lymph drainage that you get from a simple oscillating machine, or an advanced spiral machine, would be pretty good.

At the Htz increases and you start entering the mid-frequency zone, other benefits will start to kick in. Overall blood circulation will start getting better. Joint improvement will be another factor. Arthritis and fybromyalgia patients will be helped also. In fact, although linear machines are meant for muscle building, you could still get some lymph drainage from linear machines at the lowest frequency ranges, often in the range of 10-20 Htz. The widest range of vibration benefits will be available at the low-mid frequency ranges.

Hitting the high range frequency of around 40-50 Htz (and going all the way up to 60 Htz, where even the best machines would cap off), one may expect to have heavy exercises, leading to significant muscle growth, HGH release, high bone density and power accumulation. It will be hard exercise on your body. So unless you know why you are going so high, I would recommend being cautious before you hit this vibration frequency range, and further, I would suggest you to increase to these levels in steps within your session, rather than starting off the session with such high frequencies. It will help the body adjust better.

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