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How do they rip you off

In state fairs and other public trade events, a terrible trick of pushing sales is practised. I hate it - it is a form of cheating and pressure sale, combined. Let me explain.

You go to the trade fair. There's a shop set up with a couple of vibration machines on display, and on half-price sale with a 50% discount. You go and try out the top-of-the-line machine they show, and normally you would come back feeling relaxed and comforted - you know, the normal wonderful feeling that a good vibration session on a decent machine can bring along.

You come back and start thinking - the machine was half-price because of the discounts, and the feeling you had was great. And there were the last one or two pieces up there for sale, so they will soon run out of stock of the discounted machines. You are now tempted to buy the machine immediately from the fair.

You go back to the fair, and look carefully at the machine brand. You search the brand from your smart phone to double-check the prices. And sure, you find the machine listed on the Internet at the full price, with maybe a 10% off (or with no discount). So this seems to be a great deal, and you buy the machine. So you just bought a $3,995 machine for only 1,995. Or, a $4,995 machine for $2,295.

You're done and have come out as the winner of a great deal just now. Right?

Wrong. All wrong. They have just ripped you off. How?

Unfortunately, they do it via device duplication. They would pay a lot of money to private-label the machine and list it on the Internet for an inflated price, so people who do not know start thinking that it is a legitimate high-end brand with wonderful capabilities. And hence, in the trade fair, when you see the machine up for sale at half the price, with all warranties and everything else fully provided, you jump up and buy it. And you later realize that the half-price machine is actually under a different label, and you have just purchased a machine with full price, no discount.

Please note that legitimate shows also happen, and the above does not happen in each and every care. However, there are way too many cases like the above. The seller may have effectively sold you a machine for the right price (so you don't have anything to complain as you have all the technical features as well as paid the actual market price), but you were sold using a pillar of lies. That's simply terrible.

I have seen this happen a number of times. So, don't get duped and ripped off. Don't ever feel pressured (stocks will run out) to buy anything (not just a vibration machine, but absolutely anything) in your life, from being pressured, or being tempted. Yes, you will lose a couple of good deals but you will save yourself from a lot more bad deals and unpleasant surprised in this (unfortunately) greedy world.

As far as vibration machines are concerned, read on my site (or on my partner's site, that I made for him) all that you want to read about the machines, educate yourself, take time to think through (whether you at all want a machine), and finally buy with a calm state of mind. Do come back to me. Ring me back on the toll-free number that I am hosting these days (phnum) - I opted to get a toll-free as a lot of my readers call up - and I shall be happy to help. I get 10+ phone calls every day, and welcome each call. Take my quiz here, now!

I promise to have the lowest prices anywhere, for all brands and models. If you find a machine listed at a lower price within 30 days of purchase from me, I shall refund what you paid extra. Call me before you buy (1-888-228-4387) and ask for the lowest prices. You will save at least $200-$600, if not more. I am not permitted to advertise those prices online, not even with coupons, so call me up or write me an email.