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Nitrofit Vibration Machines

Nitrofit Delux Plus

Nitrofit Deluxe Plus
Nitrofit Personal Plus

Nitrofit - The Personal Plus

Nitrofit has several models, but the two models that I love from their stable are the Deluxe Plus and the Personal Plus.

Nitrofit Deluxe Plus

The Deluxe Plus is a model with adequate power and good effectiveness. In fact, compared to some of the other vibration machine models that also offer pivotal vibrations and are good in quality, this is anywhere between a few hundred to a thousand dollars less expensive (after the discounts that I pass on to my customers). After Nitrofit upgraded their models, these machines are as effective as the very best pivotal vibration machines that are available today. So I often recommend this to my customers who want almost pivotal vibrations, but want to save money or are on a budget, without compromising quality. Not much difference between the this and the top pivotal vibration machines in terms of what you get. In fact, Nitrofit gives a higher vibration amplitude compared to the other pivotal machines, which is great!

The machine, as a whole, is very effective. It produces a maximum of 12.5 G, which is significant and more than what almost everyone needs (unless you are seriously into body building and muscle development, but if you are into that, they I would recommend linear and tri-planar machines anyway). The vibration motor is strong at 2 horse powers. It uses a DC motor, so the units do not suffer from the EMF effect. The machine is 102 lbs heavy, and can carry up to 330 lbs of load (150 kilograms). It comes with a 30-speed manual mode vibration speeds, as well as a body fat calculator program inbuilt. Built-in wheels makes moving the unit around an easy task.

The frequency range is wide - 8-30 Hz, which is excellent for a pivotal machine. The vibration amplitude is a tremendously high 13 mm, nearly twice the usual 6-8 mm that is typical to pivotal vibration machines, which makes the machine a delight.

The machine is both CE and RoHS certified, which testifies the quality of its make. The platform is strong enough: if you want to take active exercises while taking vibrations, you will be able to do it without reducing the machine performance at all. The steel make, frame and post makes the machine a strong and enduring one, with a potential for long life (I observe the machine to last long for my customers, and it keeps working well).

Nitrofit Personal Plus

In case you are tight on space or budget, Nitrofit has a machine that will help - the Nitrofit Personal Plus. It is much smaller than the Deluxe Plus in size, but delivers good results nevertheless. It is also built upon the pivotal vibration technology. It delivers 10G as the G-force, which gets the job done. It can come down to as low as 7 Hz and go up to 18 Hz, which covers a number of vibration benefits such as lymphatic drainage and bone density. This machine is also CE and RoHS certified. A neat unit with good results!

All in all, I recommend the Deluxe Plus and Personal Plus models by Nitrofit. I like the model, based upon both what I have seen as well as what I hear from the customers that call me up.

Features and Specifications of the Nitrofit Deluxe Plus

  • Motor: 2 HP DC motor.
  • Make: Steel frame and platform, steel post, plastic TPR base cover, TPR head unit
  • Plate size: 22" x 14"
  • Machine weight: 102 lbs (45 kgs)
  • Max user weight: 350 lbs (150 kgs)
  • Size: 30" X 31" X 55"
  • Programs: 5 auto adjusting 10 minute programs
  • Timer: 10 mins default, can be programmed from 1-10 minutes at 1 minute intervals
  • Vibration speeds: 30 speeds in manual mode
  • G-force range: 12.5 G max
  • Frequency range: 8-30Hz
  • Platform movement: Pivotal vibrations
  • Amplitude: 13mm max
  • Exercise Poster
  • Pair of resistance bands (adjustable up to 50 lbs)
  • Branded platform mat
  • Branded full length exercise mat
  • Embroidered exercise towel

Nitrofit Personal Plus - Features and Specifications

  • Vibration technology: Pivotal
  • Motor: 1.25 HP DC
  • Frequency: 7 Hz - 18 Hz, controlled for comfort
  • Amplitude: 13mm at peak
  • Dimensions: 30in X 28in X 55in
  • Plate Size: 20in X 13in
  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Certifications: CE, RoHs
  • Programs: Programmable 10 minute timer with body fat program, heart rate monitor, and 5 preset workout programs
  • Display Settings: Displays mode, program, time, and speed
  • Accessories: Included are premium full length exercise mat, embroidered exercise towel, vibration surface dampening mat, informative exercise poster, one premium pair of adjustable resistance bands (up to 50lbs of resistance)

Nitrofit Deluxe Plus

Nitrofit Deluxe Plus

Nitrofit Deluxe Plus

Dial 1-888-228-4387
for best discounts.
Use coupon code: 2305.
Nitrofit Personal Plus

Nitrofit Personal Plus

Nitrofit Personal Plus

Dial 1-888-228-4387
for best discounts.
Use coupon code: 2305.

I promise to have the lowest prices anywhere, for all brands and models. If you find a machine listed at a lower price within 30 days of purchase from me, I shall refund what you paid extra. Call me before you buy (1-888-228-4387) and ask for the lowest prices. You will save at least $200-$600, if not more. I am not permitted to advertise those prices online, not even with coupons, so call me up or write me an email.